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So often the healthcare debate sheds very little light on the role insurance companies play. (Nurse Talk Radio - Aug 7, 2017)

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Openness to and preference for attributes of biologic therapy prior to initiation among patients with rheumatoid arthritis: patient and rheumatologist perspectives and implications for decision making (Patient Preference and Adherence, Volume 10, March, 2016)

Patients’ Prioritization of Patient-Centered Education and Research Topics in Rheumatic Disease (ACR Poster, Abstract #2333, 2015)

Demographic Differences in Health Related Information Technology Use Among Patients with Rheumatic Diseases (ACR Poster, Abstract #1422, 2014)

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We are pleased to announce that Seth Ginsberg, a patient advocate, who also is the co-founder and president of Creaky Joints, an arthritis advocacy organization, will present this year's opening keynote....

Meet Seth Ginsberg, founder of CreakyJoints, amongst others, as he very articulately presents the relation between ePatients and pharma research, on stage, at Doctors 2.0 & You....

Seth Ginsberg is a patient advocate and spokesperson. Diagnosed with spondylarthritis at 13, Seth quickly realized the importance of support, education, advice and up-to-date information for people living with a chronic illness such as arthritis.

Seth Ginsberg talk about the Affordable Care (F)act initiative. Give countless people the inspiration and hope that you now have, thanks to healthcare reform. Simply upload a short video to describe your personal Affordable Care (F)act.

Interview with Seth Ginsberg - Global Healthy Living Foundation

Addressing the 2013 World Stem Cell Summit in San Diego, California, December 5, 2013.